Why Millions of Family Caregivers are Choosing Adult Day

Did you ever think during “adulthood” you might be caring for your mom or dad someday? Did you imagine spending your retirement caring for your husband or wife?? Probably not. Don’t worry though, you are not alone.

In fact, 1 out of every 5 people in America is caring for a loved one. Some individuals in need of care may be suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, or one of the many other forms of dementia. Others may be suffering from balance issues, and hip or knee pain and may depend on a walker or wheelchair to get around.

Regardless of whether someone is suffering from cognitive changes or physical limitations, they become dependent on their family, friends, or relatives to ensure their basic activities of daily living are being met.

However, for an adult child raising kids of their own and trying to care for their mom or dad can add a significant amount of stress to their already hectic schedule.

For others, caring for a spouse can seem even more difficult since they share a deep emotional attachment. Many spouses feel like a widow caring for someone that looks like their husband or wife but has forgotten who they are. Suddenly, retirement can seem hopeless.

The one thing both types of family caregivers need is a “break!” Adult children caring for their parents may need a break so they can continue working during the day while spouses may need time to run errands, visit with friends or pursue new hobbies.

As the number of people caring for a loved one increases, the more people there are who just need a little break during the day. They want peace of mind to do what they need to do knowing that their loved one is safe, engaged, and having fun!

Therefore, millions of family caregivers are choosing adult day care over alternatives such as assisted living or home care.

These are the top 5 reasons why families are choosing adult day over other options for their loved ones.

    1. Reduce Isolation and Loneliness – Family caregivers worry about their loved ones becoming depressed while sitting in front of the TV all day at home. The idea of them being active and around others puts families’ minds at ease.
    2. Increase Socialization with Peers – Families want their loved ones to meet new friends and be around others their age going through a similar stage in life.
    3. Improved Cognitive and Physical Function – One of the direct benefits of being active and finding purpose is people improve almost immediately. It’s better than any anti-aging wonder drug.
    4. Extremely Affordable – Adult day is 1/2 the cost of home care and much more affordable than assisted living.
    5. Age in Place – Utilizing adult day services helps families keep their loved ones home longer.

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