Veteran Loses All then Finds a Renewed Purpose In Adult Day

Meet William, a retired Veteran, father, and friend to many. For nearly 30 years William lived in Maine. He loved nature and enjoyed being outside during the warmer months. Every morning he would walk his property, listening to the birds chirp and watch the squirrels fight over berries and nuts.

Every summer William’s daughter, Mary, would fly up to Maine to check on her dad and make sure he was doing ok and his home survived another winter. As each summer passed, William began to need a little more help around the house. At first, it was just a cane, eventually he needed a walker but suddenly Mary realized her dad could no longer manage his medications, finances or even his meals anymore.

Mary was a teacher and typically had summer break to check on her dad. However, this summer Mary decided it was time for her dad to move in with her. She worried about her dad’s safety and didn’t want him to live alone through another Maine winter. Therefore, they packed up William’s belongings and he moved down to Florida to live with his daughter.

At first, the transition was great and William enjoyed the extra time he had with Mary. Eventually, Mary returned to work and William began to fall into a depression. While Mary was working, William longed for his old routine, his old friends, and his local hangouts.

Over time William’s dementia continued to get worse. He became much more forgetful and highly dependent on Mary to get him out of bed, dressed and ready for the day. On most days, William seemed empty and depressed like he had lost his sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Before long Mary didn’t feel comfortable leaving him at home alone while she was working. She reached out to a few friends and one of them told her about a solution known as “Adult Day!”

Well, you may have guessed it, but that is when we met Mary and her father William. Mary searched online and found ActivAge in Port Charlotte, the premiere adult day solution. She believed this would be the perfect option for her dad while she worked during the day. However, she was worried that he wouldn’t like it and she feared that it may not work out.

Mary gave it a try anyways and the outcome completely shocked her! Not only did William like it, but he LOVED it! In fact, he loved it so much Mary no longer needed to get her dad up for the day. Suddenly, William got himself up and ready for the day by 5am every morning — “all by himself!”

Almost overnight William went from being fully dependent, depressed, and weak to being “Mr. Independent” with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning again!! William had something to look forward to, new friends and a renewed spirit!! William was laughing and smiling, singing and dancing (even with a walker), and truly having the time of his life!!

Mary felt so incredibly relieved knowing her dad was safe, having a great time and was well cared for while she was at work! Mary no longer worried about her dad being home alone. She knew he had friends and a sense of belonging again. This is the power and the magic of “Adult Day!!”

If you are caring for a loved one? We are here to help, whether you need help at home or need a little break during the day!

Take a break and enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one is having the time of their life!

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