Understanding the Adult Day Adoption Life Cycle

Understanding the adult day adoption lifecycle is critical to kick-starting the expansion of this affordable alternative in senior care.

I have been saying “Adult Day is the Future of Senior Care” for a long time. However, it mostly falls on deaf ears . . . until now! 😁

Today’s story in our local paper proves that more people are becoming “aware” of adult day and its many benefits.

As I think about the future of long-term care, we are entering an era of significant change. There will be many more options, payer sources, and greater variety.

You’ll have traditional care options fighting against the change. You’ll have others who are super innovative.

You’ll have some states that continue to over-regulate long-term care. Other states will fund new care innovations.

Regardless, what is already a confusing web of information and options will become even more confusing.

That said, for every product or service that exists there is an adoption life cycle. The adoption life cycle for adult day will take place in these five stages.

1. Awareness (*we are here*)

– Small underground attention
– Obscure media attention (primarily local)
– High skepticism
– Lack of providers

2. Early Adopters

– Increased acceptance by families and other senior care providers
– Additional media attention (regional distribution)
– More provider options available
– More family caregivers frequently using adult day

3. Early Majority

– Multiple adult day providers reach large regional markets
– More prominent national media attention
– Increased standardization across states and regions
– Adult day becomes more mainstream (mentioned in most long term care conversations)

4. Late Majority

– Adult day is mainstream
– Large national media coverage
– Big investments made in adult day (mergers, acquisitions, consolidations)
– Multiple large adult day providers

5. Skeptics

– My favorite people. . . the skeptics! Lol.
– This is the stage when all the skeptics raise the white flag and finally accept the fact that Adult Day is a mainstream solution.


The last 40 years adult day has lagged behind “almost dormant” and primarily serving young adults and seniors on Medicaid programs.

However, due to an exponential increase in the cost of care, a dramatic rise in the cost of living, decrease in pension programs, stagnant wage growth, runaway inflation and so much more, adult day has become an extremely attractive option for the middle market who historically relied on private pay home care or assisted living.

Over the next 5 years, I predict the long term care option known as adult day will transition from an awareness stage to the early adopters stage.

As the caregiving burden increases and the responsibility falls on a fewer number of family caregivers, flexible daytime care options will become increasingly more important to meet the needs of families caring for a loved one.

Adult day is transitioning from a general awareness stage to the early adopters stage. I see more and more visionaries opening their own adult day centers.

The term adult day continues to increase in search volume as both entrepreneurs and family caregivers try to learn more about this incredibly underutilized service.

This is just the beginning. We are just getting started! Adult day is the future of senior care and ActivAge is coming to a city near you. Join the movement and together we can change the world!

To read the full story in today’s newspaper, visit The Future of Senior Care: How ActivAge is Redefining Long-Term Care Options

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