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The Real Story: Chelsea Place becomes ActivAge – the Future of Daytime Senior Care

Just over 10 years ago, I was 23 years old and ready to conquer the world with the woman of my dreams by my side. We were newlyweds, and I had sold my bride, Chelsea, on big dreams and a bright future! She was my ride-or-die. Little did we know just how true that statement was going to become.  

 It was 2011, and we had just purchased the biggest project of our lives: a 6,000-sq-ft home in foreclosure, which we intended to fix up and open as Chelsea Place Retirement Resort Living, a Key West-inspired Assisted Living Community.  

 As newlyweds, there was just one twist, and it was the ultimate marriage test. As we returned from an amazing honeymoon exploring the Bahamas, we moved into our new home. It wasn’t just any new home. It was the smallest room in our very own assisted living community. Welcome home babe! 🙂 

 We walked in and were greeted by ten of the most wonderful “step-grandparents” we’d ever had. Together, we went on to grow Chelsea Place from just one assisted living community to open an adult day care center in 2017 and a home care agency in 2018.  

 As we began thinking about the future of care for seniors and their families, we realized that there was a huge need for more adult daycare centers. Currently, there are very few options for families and their loved ones compared to the more common alternatives such as senior living or home care.  

 After caring for and serving more than 400 seniors in our adult day care in just 3 years, we realized there is no environment that changes people’s lives more than adult day care does.

We always refer to it as, “The Club” but regardless of the name, there is something extremely special about adult day care. It gives seniors a sense of purpose and helps them live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  

 The sheer joy our members experience makes you want to share this concept with the whole world. Well, that is exactly what we decided to do!  

 We decided to focus our time and attention on adult day care so in October 2021, we sold our assisted living community to a wonderful lady who would continue to give our residents the love and support they need.  

 Then we spent all of 2021 developing the franchise systems, processes, and operations manual to launch our new franchise brand, ActivAge, which will help us change even more lives all around the world. 

Heart is the foundation Chelsea Place Senior Care was built on and together we are still the same group of people on the same mission. This time we just have a new name…ActivAge! 

Our goal is to give family caregivers a break while helping seniors live their best life in the comfort of their own homes.  

 We’ll continue to fulfill this goal by offering personalized in-home care for seniors under the brand, ActivAge Home Care and our Port Charlotte adult day care will be referred to as ActivAge at Chelsea Place.  

 ActivAge Senior Care, formerly Chelsea Place Senior Care offers solutions that include Daytime Senior Care & Activities and Personalized In-Home Care.  

 To learn more, please call (941) 676-3411 or ActivAgeCare.com. 

 Senior Day Care – 3626 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952 | Home Care – 126 E Olympia Ave, Unit 301, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 

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