The “Great Care Crisis” – Facing the Brutal Truth About Long Term Care

Few are ready to accept the reality of the “Great Care Crisis” looming right before us. You can already see the changes happening today.

Have you ever thought about who might help you or who you’d rely on as you age? You might think to yourself, “My husband or wife will take care of me!” Or you may rely on help from your adult children!!

Did you know? Nearly 1 out of every 4 Americans today are receiving care from a family member.

This is roughly 53 million family caregivers who are unpaid! Over the past two years, studies have shown an increase in the number of unpaid caregivers from 43.5 million to 53 million people.

Studies have also shown that 61% of all unpaid caregivers are also working while caregiving. These unpaid caregivers are adults caring for their aging parent(s), their husband, wife or a loved one (all while trying to maintain a “normal” life!)

What would happen if these unpaid caregivers suddenly stopped caring for their loved ones? Well, our healthcare system would BREAK!

We aren’t prepared to care for that many people. Quite frankly, the U.S. doesn’t have the infrastructure. This is exactly why we rely so heavily on unpaid caregivers to meet the care needs of those they love.

The U.S. healthcare system currently does not have enough staff or facilities to handle all of those who need care.

As inflation continues to rise, healthcare costs skyrocket and unpaid caregivers try to balance work and caring for their loved one, I constantly ask myself, “What is the solution to this problem before it’s too late?”

What makes it even harder is that most family caregivers are struggling to find or afford the help they need. It’s because the majority of Americans are stuck right in the middle, which means they do not qualify for Medicaid, and they don’t have unlimited resources! They need care for their loved one but they are on a budget.

So, what solutions are there for these unpaid family caregivers? …Adult Day! See, adult day programs are generally half the cost of private in-home care and much less expensive than assisted living.

Adult day is not just for seniors. Adult day programs are for the unpaid family caregivers who need a break knowing their loved one is somewhere safe while they work, run errands, or pursue new hobbies!

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