Save Thousands on Senior Home Care Alternative

Have you heard about the all-new alternative to home care that is half the price? It certainly sounds like one of those offers that are too good to be true! However, we have helped hundreds of families save thousands of dollars on the cost of home care. Not only have we saved families thousands of dollars, but we have transformed the lives of their loved ones through our daytime senior care and activities program.

We recently met with a lady, Joan, who is caring for her husband, Bob. He suffers from the early onset of dementia and Joan is concerned about his safety during the day. She hired a home care agency to come to her home for approximately 45 hours each week to care for her husband while she continued working part-time, ran errands, and visited with friends occasionally.

At first, this solution was great; however, it was beginning to take a financial toll on Joan, and she was concerned about whether it was a sustainable option. However, she did not want to give up the job she loved and the little respite she so desperately needed.

We sat down with her and realized that most of the care her husband received was during the weekdays and occasionally on Saturdays. Therefore, we decided to calculate the cost of care to see how much we could save her, and we were absolutely blown away by the amount of money she could save!

Current Option:
Private In-Home Care (5-6 days per week, ~45 hours of care)
45 Hours X $32/hr. = $1,440/week or $74,880/yr. or $6,240/mo.

Proposed Option:
Senior Daytime Care (5-6 days per week, ~45 hours of care)
45 Hours X $15/hr. = $675/week or $35,100/yr. or $2,925/mo.

Estimated Savings (proposed senior day care option):
$3,315/month or $39,780/year

Joan discovered she would save almost $3,500 per month on care if she decided to use a daytime senior care program instead of home care. Now Joan can choose from the following two options.

1. She could simply save money each month.
– OR –
2. She could use the money she saved to pay for an additional 20 hours of home care each week which would give her 65 total hours of care per week without it costing more.

In the end, Joan decided to use both our senior daycare and our home care agency. Not only was Joan able to save a lot of money on care but her husband Bob began to have a new lease on life. He started to connect with others at the center and develop friendships. He seemed to come home with a renewed sense of purpose.

Also, Joan noticed an improvement in Bob’s range of motion. He was able to get in and out of the car much easier which reduced the stress load on Joan.

The combination of services was perfect for Joan because now she had some help during the day, and she was able to use the new savings to help pay for additional help in the early morning and evening hours with in-home care.

The best part is that Joan knows we also have an assisted living community in case she ever needs a respite or long-term care for Bob. She has peace of mind knowing ActivAge can help her with every stage of care, whether it is daytime senior care, activities, or personalized in-home care.

ActivAge offers solutions for every stage of senior care. Our services include Daytime Senior Care, Activities, or Personalized In-Home Senior Care. To learn more, please call (941) 676-3411.

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