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Sarasota Welcomes New Tropical-Themed Adult Day Care Center for Seniors

Experience the Ultimate “Daycation” at ActivAge Sarasota!

SARASOTA, Fla. — Sarasota proudly unveils a new gem in senior care with the grand opening of ActivAge Sarasota, a themed adult day care center located on Bee Ridge Road. Inspired by the vibrant esthetics of a Margaritaville resort and the timeless tunes of Jimmy Buffett, ActivAge brings a refreshing twist to senior care.

A Festive Opening Event

The grand opening on Thursday was a resounding success, drawing a crowd of over 400 enthusiastic attendees. The new flagship location promises to redefine the adult day care experience, offering a lively and colorful environment for families caring for a loved one seeking a fun-filled day-cation.

A Growing Trend in Senior Care

The concept of adult day centers is gaining popularity across the nation, particularly among baby boomers and millennials navigating care for their aging parents, spouses or loved ones. ActivAge stands out with its unique blend of healthcare, entertainment, and activities, ensuring seniors have a safe, engaging, and joyful place to spend their days.



Heartwarming Stories of Impact

Tanyah Lockett shared her personal experience, highlighting the immense relief and support she received from an adult day center run by Kris Chana in Charlotte County. Before her mother Colleen Abraham’s passing, the center provided daily work-like tasks and incentive points, simulating a familiar work environment that helped Colleen, who struggled with dementia, stay engaged and active.

“The gift that he gave my mom and the gift that he gave our family we can never return. We can never compensate him enough,” Lockett expressed, emphasizing the significant positive impact on their lives.

A Vision for Fun and Safe Senior Care

Kris Chana and his wife Chelsea, both Sarasota County natives, have now brought their innovative approach to their hometown with ActivAge. The center’s design prioritizes healthcare while ensuring a welcoming, non-institutional atmosphere.

“We are creating a fun, engaging and safe environment where healthcare is the foundational element to what we do. But there is this beautiful aesthetic appeal that removes that institutional healthcare feeling,” Chana explained.

Sarasota: A Pioneer in Adult Day Care

“Sarasota is the birthplace of private pay adult day, catering to middle income seniors who need affordable long term care options,” Chana proudly stated, marking the city as a trailblazer in the field.

Discover ActivAge Sarasota on Bee Ridge Road

Located on Bee Ridge Road, ActivAge is now scheduling tours and looks forward to providing an exceptional day-cation experience for seniors. Visit us and see firsthand how we’re transforming senior care with a touch of Margaritaville magic!


For more information and to schedule a tour, visit: https://activagecare.com/sarasota

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