Revving Up Purpose: Robert’s Derby Car Adventure

Meet Robert, a proud Veteran who fought in the Vietnam War and experienced things beyond what most of us could ever imagine. Despite the challenges life had thrown at him, Robert always greeted the world with a smile and a positive attitude.

After the war, Robert opened a successful insurance agency, but his true passion lay in woodworking. Over the years, he had built an impressive workshop at home, where he spent countless hours crafting beautiful creations.

Recently, Robert became a member of our adult day “club” better known as ActivAge, which caters to the needs and interests of older adults. The “club” offers a variety of fun and engaging activities, meals, socialization, live music, dancing, and so much more!

Every morning, when Robert visited the “club,” he’d share his ideas about setting up a woodworking area with our team. It was during one of these conversations that an exciting project was proposed – customizing pinewood derby cars for a race.

Excited to put his woodworking skills to use, Robert accompanied our team to ACE Hardware, where they purchased a coping saw and a table vice for the project. With a twinkle in his eye, Robert knew that his woodworking expertise may give him a little advantage over others in the race.

Over the next few weeks, Robert’s creativity and passion for woodworking came alive as he modified each derby car. He crafted tiny seats, glued Lego figures inside, and even fashioned windshields out of plastic cups. The cars were not complete without doors, so with the help of Bibi, one of our care partners, they cut and attached doors to each derby car.

Every time Robert finished a modification, his eyes lit up with joy. He would eagerly knock on our office door to share his progress and discuss his next creative idea. It was clear that this project had given him a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. He seemed more fulfilled than ever and was proud of the work he had done.

As the race day approached, Robert continued to add more details to the cars, including spare tires, Lego motors, and steering wheels. The excitement in the air was palpable, and Robert could hardly wait to see the fruits of his labor on the track.

The entire experience had been transformative for Robert. His passion for woodworking and the camaraderie he found at ActivAge had breathed new life into him. It was evident that “the club” played a crucial role in making a difference in Robert’s life, providing him with a renewed sense of purpose, engagement, and connection.

We are extremely grateful for moments like these, which serve as a reminder of our “why!” This is exactly why we do what we do each and every single day!

Robert, too, was grateful for ActivAge and the opportunity to share his woodworking skills with others. The derby car project not only reignited his passion but also allowed him to form lasting friendships and contribute to a community that valued his talents and experiences.

And so, with hearts full of gratitude and spirits high, we eagerly await each opportunity we can make a difference in someone’s life!

We are on a mission to help 10 million seniors live their best life! Together we can change the world by helping seniors find joy, happiness and a renewed sense of purpose!!

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Take a break and enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one is having the time of their life!

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