Newlyweds Live In Assisted Living the First 3.5 Years of Marriage

Chelsea and I just had the most beautiful beach wedding at one of our favorite destinations, The Grand Lucayan Resort on Grand Bahamas Island.

Both Chelsea and I are pilots, so we decided to island-hop in the Bahamas for our honeymoon. We flew to Staniel Cay to swim with the pigs, dive into the Thunderball grotto, and eat some fresh conch.  

After exploring Staniel Cay we flew to Eleuthera and Harbour Island to walk the pink sand beaches. Then we spent a few more days in the Abacos to do some deep-sea fishing and explore the colonial towns in Green Turtle and Elbow Cays.  

It was early the next morning when suddenly there was a loud banging noise on our front door. It was as if someone was trying to break in. Then came a loud voice that said, “This is Sarah with an ‘H’ from Mississippi. Please open the door!” At that very moment, my beautiful wife Chelsea said in a cheerful spirit, “Honey, welcome home!”  

At the time, “home” was a 14-bed assisted living community, Chelsea Place Retirement Living, located in Charlotte County, FL, and Sarah with an “H” was one of our residents. We had just come back from our honeymoon and had moved into our new home which also happened to be the assisted living community we purchased and renovated in mid-2011.  

Chelsea was 21, and I was 23. We were the youngest newlyweds in the United States to live in the same assisted living facility they owned and operated. We ended up spending the first 3.5 years of our marriage living in the community.  

We were the night shift, weekend shift, and every other shift you could imagine. It was a great experience and we learned a lot. It was like having 12 grandparents living with you. Chelsea learned how to crochet, I learned how to cook, and together we slowly made a wonderful home-like environment for the seniors in Charlotte County.  

It all began in 2011 but since then we have opened a daytime senior care and activities center as well as an in-home care agency. We love helping people and we feel blessed to be the solution for families at every stage of senior care.  

Daytime Senior Care & Activities 

This is one of the most transformational services offered in senior care. In the past year and a half, we have cared for over 185 people, and during this time we have literally seen people’s lives change right before our eyes.

Our members are no longer sitting at home by themselves watching television. They are active, they have friends and a social network, and they are happy and living full lives.  

We have seen our member’s scores improve on their Alzheimer’s exam, increased range of motion, increased mobility, and a positive outlook on life. Our center provides the perfect solution for you if you are caring for your mom, dad, spouse, or relative. Whether your loved one is independent and could enjoy the company of new friends, requires some assistance, or need a break we are here for you.  

Personalized In-Home Care 

We also provide personalized in-home care for those who might need a little assistance around the house. We can help you and your loved one with housekeeping, companionship, preparing meals or transporting them to doctor’s appointments. We can even help someone with transferring, toileting, medication reminders, showers, dressing, and much more. 

One Company. One Mission. Two Great Services. To learn more, please call (941) 676-3411 or visit 

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