Meet Ted the Turtle

Have you met Ted the Turtle yet? We recently hired him as our “Club Promoter!!”

Humble beginnings

He was born in the Galápagos Islands and recently moved to Florida.
After celebrating his 90th birthday, Ted was feeling lost and unfulfilled.
He was strolling down the beach pondering life when a bottle washed up on shore with a piece of paper inside.

Message in a bottle

The piece of paper was a FREE Guest Pass to an ActivAge in Port Charlotte, FL.

Well Ted booked a direct flight on Paradise Airways to ActivAge at Chelsea Place to see what all the fun was about.
Ted walked in and was greeted with open arms, a big smile and lots of love!

He immediately began to feel a renewed sense of purpose and has more friends now than he could’ve ever imagined.

Finding Meaning

Ted realized the only thing he was missing in life was a sense of purpose and ActivAge gave him that!
He realized every senior on this planet deserves to live a meaningful and fulfilled life!

Ted found his home

Ted decided he was going to make it his life’s mission to share ActivAge with the world and make sure No Senior is Left Behind!!!

the happiest place


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