Importance of Routine for those with Dementia during COVID-19

I was really hoping by now that this was all just a bad dream. Unfortunately, that is not the case and I believe that the COVID-19 outbreak will be with us for a while. Therefore, it is extremely important that we talk about how essential a daily routine is for your loved one. If you are caring for your mom, dad, spouse, or relative then this is for you. 

Routine is important whether you live with your loved ones or you care for them from a distance. Prior to COVID-19 you may have had an established routine. It may have been something that you developed over a couple of years to find the best routine for you and your loved one. 

If your loved one has dementia and was used to a certain daily routine, then their mind and body may have been subconsciously programmed to follow that routine. That routine became a very important part of their daily life that provided stability and comfort.  

If that routine is disrupted or taken away, the person with dementia may feel like there is a void in their life. They may feel some sort of loss as if they are missing something. Ultimately this can make things difficult for them because they may not be able to express or understand why they feel anxious, angry, or frustrated. 

Therefore, it is extremely important if you are the primary caregiver to find ways to establish a new routine despite COVID-19. If you have suddenly found yourself stuck at home with your loved one, here is what you can do. 

Make a schedule and develop a new routine for your loved one’s day. This could be breakfast via FaceTime with your daughter on M, W, F, and your granddaughter on T, Th. Participate in online activities using tools like YouTube where you can find exercises, games, trivia, sing-a-longs, and more. 

Regardless of the schedule you decide is best, the important thing is that you establish a consistent routine for the sake of your and your loved one’s health and wellbeing.  

Who knows how long COVID-19 will last and whether or not we will get back to our old routines? However, it is having the daily routine itself that is important for those who suffer from the early onset of dementia due to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.  

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