How to Help Assisted Living Residents Celebrate the New Year

When you live in an assisted living facility, the holidays can be kind of depressing. That’s why it’s important for the people who work in the assisted living facility and the person’s family to make the holiday as special as they can. Even though it’s not possible to completely replicate what they did before they were living in the facility, there are things that you can do to help a loved one celebrate the New Year in style! Below are things that you can do to help a loved one enjoy New Year’s Eve in their assisted living facility.


Since residents spend each day in the space where the celebration will be happening, you want to make sure that you are doing something to make the space look different and special. You can buy streamers, table settings, party hats, and other things that are going to make that space feel much more special. It’s also possible to enlist those residents who enjoy making crafts to help with making some decorations. This will let them contribute to the celebration and help brighten up the space. Things like glitter, colored paper, and paint can help to change the reception area or lobby into an amazing space.

Have a lot of Tasty Food

Chances are that you are going to have a few dietary requirements that will have to be followed for your residents, but you should try finding some snacks and recipes that you can serve the residents that are still something that they can eat but still is special. Ask your residents to give you recommendations based on their favorite foods and recipes that they remember eating on New Year’s. maybe you can even collaborate with other families.

Have a Time for Stories

One of the things that people enjoy doing is telling stories. This is a great idea that you can use to create a time for the residents to sit down and share their favorite stories from their lives, whether it’s the last year or even years in the past. Begin by asking the residents to think about the last year and about anything strange, interesting, or fun that happened and they’d like to talk about. Then you can open up your discussion to favorite stories and memories of the past years.

Plan Games for Your Residents to Play

Have some group activities and board games for the residents to enjoy. You want to make sure that the night is fun and that everyone is engaged while they’re participating and awake.

Have a Sing-Along

You can always have your residents sing favorite holiday songs. These can be Christmas songs or wintery songs. And don’t forget Auld Lang Syn!

Get Everyone Together for the Countdown

Chances are that not everyone will be able to stay awake for the New Year. But for those who are awake, you can all count down to the New Year together. Ginger ale or sparkling cider are great choices for toasting at midnight.

These are the things that you can do when you are working in an assisted living facility to help your residents enjoy the holiday. Even though it’s not exactly what they are used to, it’s going to be fun and help them look forward to the new year.

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