Guilt Free Affordable Care

What Is “Guilt Free” Affordable Care?
The ultimate solution for family caregivers!
By: Kris Chana

Are you caring for a loved one? Did you promise your mom, dad or maybe even your spouse that you would take care of them and never “put them” in a “home?”

Do you feel burned out at times and wonder if you can truly fulfill this promise? Don’t worry, you are not alone! There are millions of family caregivers around the country who are going through this exact same experience right now.

However, there is an alternative solution that is completely “guilt free” because not only will you get the break you desperately need but your loved one will have an absolute blast too!

What is the solution you might ask? Well, it is known as Adult Day Care, or Adult Day Services or simply, the “Club” as we like to call it! I know the name “Adult Day Care” is a terrible name which is why we disguise it as the “Club!”

Essentially, it’s a day club for seniors who may suffer from the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia or they may need a little help getting around during the day.

Either way, it’s important to understand that families need a break but sometimes they make incredible sacrifices because of the promises they made to those they care for.

Over time the stress builds, the pressure as the family caregiver increases and families get stuck in this self-inflicted guilt trap. In most cases, it is because the family caregiver worries that if they reach out for help, their loved one is going to “hate it.” Thus, they continue until they burn out or have a complete breakdown.

My question is, what if they could find a place for their loved one that they loved! What if their loved one never wanted to leave this place? What if their loved one had so much fun, they looked forward to going to this place every single day of the week?

What if this place brought so much happiness and joy to their loved one, they realized this was the single best decision they had ever made for them! This magical place increased their loved one’s cognitive abilities, increased their range of motion and gave them purpose and meaning again!

…And guess what? What if this place also gave YOU the “family caregiver” the break you deserved and complete peace of mind because you knew your loved one was having the absolute best time of their life! Adult day (aka the “Club”) is the answer! Give your loved one the gift of friendship, community, happiness, and joy while you enjoy peace of mind and finally take the break you deserve!!

Our goal is to give family caregivers a break while helping seniors live their best life in the comfort of their own home.

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