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Embracing Change: Introducing Adult Day when Dad says, “No Way!”


In the heart of every family caregiver’s journey lies the challenge of making difficult decisions that are in the best interest of their loved ones, especially when it involves introducing new routines such as adult day care.

The initial resistance to adult day care encapsulated in sentiments like “My dad or my husband wouldn’t like adult day care. It’s just not for him. He wouldn’t like something like that,” is a common obstacle many families face.

Yet, overcoming this hesitation is not just possible; it can open doors to enriching experiences that enhance the quality of life for both caregivers and their loved ones. Here’s how to gently navigate these waters and turn reluctance into acceptance.

Understanding the Resistance

First, it’s crucial to understand why there might be resistance to adult day care. For many older adults, the idea of adult day may conjure feelings of loss—loss of independence, familiarity, and control over their daily lives. It’s also possible that misconceptions about what adult day is might be at the heart of their resistance.

Educating and Reassuring

Education is a powerful tool in overcoming objections. Begin by gathering information about local adult day programs, focusing on aspects that align with your loved one’s interests and needs.

Many centers offer a variety of activities, including physical exercises, art classes, music therapy, and social events that can be highly beneficial and enjoyable for members. This may even include woodworking, racing RC cars, playing poker or other fun activities that cater to different individual needs.

Share stories and testimonials from other families who have had positive experiences with adult day care. Hearing about others who had similar reservations but ended up thriving can be incredibly reassuring.

It’s also helpful to emphasize the benefits that come with adult day, such as social interaction, enhanced mental stimulation, and the opportunity to maintain or even improve cognitive and physical abilities.

Personalization and Involvement

Personalize the approach by involving your loved one in the process as much as possible. Discuss what activities they might enjoy and select a club that offers these options. Some centers may allow you to customize a schedule or participate in free “trial” days, which can help ease the transition.

Address Emotional Concerns

Acknowledge and validate your loved one’s feelings about adult day care. It’s important to have open and honest conversations about their fears and concerns. Reassure them of your support and the positive aspects of adult day, highlighting how it can enhance their independence rather than diminish it.

Gradually Introducing Adult Day Care

Consider a gradual introduction to adult day. Starting with a few half-days a week can help ease the transition and reduce anxiety. This approach allows your loved one to slowly adjust to the new environment and routine while giving them the opportunity to see the benefits firsthand.

Emphasize Flexibility

Remind your loved one (and yourself) that decisions aren’t set in stone. Emphasizing the flexibility to change plans or adjust schedules can help alleviate some of the pressure and make the idea of adult day care less daunting.


Overcoming the objection to adult day care requires patience, understanding, and a gentle approach. By educating, reassuring, and involving your loved one in the decision-making process, you can help them see adult day care not as a loss, but as an opportunity to enhance their life.

Remember, the goal is to support their well-being and independence in a way that respects their preferences and needs. With the right approach, adult day care can become a positive experience that enriches the lives of all involved.


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