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Do you Identify as the Sandwich Generation? 6 Tips for Families Stuck in the Middle

Have you heard about the sandwich generation? This is the group of people who are simultaneously caring for their children and their parents. They could be supporting both generations financially, emotionally, physically, or all the above. The sandwich generation is a new phenomenon due to people having children later in life. Below are 6 tips for the sandwich generation to help them care for not only the generations around them but themselves as well. 

  1. Talk about Money– Have a conversation with your elderly dependent sooner rather than later. You may be able to help find a better savings plan, or at the very least you will be in the know and know what/ if any financial burdens may be placed on you. We know this is not an easy subject to broach, but it is so important to have a clear picture so you can properly prepare. 
  2. Have a Partner – Have a partner to help you manage caring for both generations. It does not always need to be a spouse, but you need another person to help offload some of the work of caring for at least one of the generations. We have clients who are single parents. They depend on a sibling to help with their adult parent care. We also have clients who are married and care for both sets of parents. A dependable partner and solid communication are key. 
  3. Take a Break – When caring for multiple generations it is likely hard to find time for yourself, but it is so important to recharge so you do not burn out. Schedule time DAILY to plug into what you need physically, emotionally, and mentally. Make your well-being a priority, a non-negotiable. Even just 20 minutes spent doing what you need can make a huge impact on your mental health, and therefore those around you. 
  4. Consider a Multigeneration Home – Are you considering purchasing a new home? Consider a multigenerational model. A multigenerational home can accommodate a family with children and allow space for a grandparent(s) to live in the home comfortably. There are homes that are described as “two homes under one roof” with separate entrances and small kitchens. Either way, ideally it helps with both caregiver duties and the financial obligations that come with it.  
  5. Connect with Other Sandwichers – Make it a priority to connect with others who identify with the sandwich generation. Meet them for a walk, coffee, or something stronger to share stories about caring for your parents and kids. Try to find peace in knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  
  6. Pat Yourself on the Back – You are doing something unprecedented by humanity by caring for both generations, and that is even before the pandemic. Add a pandemic to that mix, and well you are a downright superhuman. Wow! 

Knowledge is power and having a support team is imperative for every family Caregiver. We would like to thank Sunways Senior Living for their contribution to this sandwich generation article. Visit sunwaysseniorliving.com to learn more about their services and how they can help.  

If you are caring for your mom, dad, spouse or a loved one, we are here to help! Receive a FREE copy of Florida’s 5-Step Guide to Senior Care by simply calling our senior care expert hotline at 941-676-3411. 

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