Choose the Right Senior Care Professionals

Great! We have gone through Florida’s 5 Step Guide to Senior Care, but how do I know which company to choose from now? 

Once you’ve decided on the right TYPE of care and support for you and your loved one, you need to know how to choose the right company. Our senior care experts are knowledgeable of local professionals including elder law attorneys, veteran’s benefits specialists, in-home care agencies, senior housing options, and much more.  

It’s important to speak with a senior care advisor first before choosing any one company. They will give you the tools to research the different industries depending on which services you need.   

When evaluating home care providers, it’s important to ask questions to make sure the provider and the agency are a good fit for your family. Do they have a representative from their company available 24/7? Will the caregiver be consistent?  

How many years of experience does the provider or agency have and can they provide references? Are they licensed? Is their license current? Have they performed background checks on their caregivers? Are they properly insured? Do they make supervisory visits? Is there training for the caregivers? These are just a few different questions to keep in mind when interviewing different home care agencies.   

If you’ve decided on senior housing, do research to find the best place. Visit ( to compare state-licensed providers. Find out how well the staff is trained and whether the facility is licensed by the state. Can the community accommodate any special dietary needs? Do they have a Registered Nurse on staff? Is transportation available for attending church or visiting the doctor?  

Take a similar approach when choosing a legal or financial services provider. Find out how long they have been practicing and what proportion of their work deals with issues concerning the elderly. Do they specialize in elder law which encompasses more than just legal documents such as estate and Medicaid planning, wills, trusts, etc.?  

Does your financial planner focus on wealth accumulation or preservation? A financial planner might be able to do both but typically will understand one area better.  

Armed with the right questions and information from our local senior care experts, you can be confident that you’re prepared to make the right decisions for you and your loved one.  

Now we have covered all 5 steps; (1.) Advance Care Planning, (2.) Organize Legal Affairs, (3.) Make a Financial Plan, (4.) Find the Right Care and (5.) Choose the Right Providers. Need help understanding the complex world of senior care? Get a free copy of Florida’s 5 Step Guide to Senior Care by calling our senior care expert hotline at 941-676-3411. 

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