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Adult Day May Offer Better Support for Long-Term Post-Acute Recovery

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, choosing the right support for long-term post-acute recovery can be overwhelming. From home health and outpatient therapy services to adult day programs, numerous alternatives exist.

Adult daycare, with its variety of activities and opportunities for social connection, is emerging as a more tailored, efficient, and affordable option for many patients and their families to support continued recovery following a skilled nursing stay after acute care for an illness, injury, or surgery.

Here are three key reasons why I believe adult day care can prove to be a superior choice to home health or outpatient therapy services to enhance post-acute recovery:

1. Holistic Approach to Care

Adult daycare provides a comprehensive, person-centered approach to long-term recovery that nurtures the entire individual – body, mind, and spirit.  Outpatient rehab primarily focuses on physical recovery, with short therapy sessions in an outpatient center two to three times a week.

Your loved one’s recovery success relies on their willingness to participate and your ability to keep them engaged in ongoing exercises and activities.

Participants in adult day care programs have access to a multitude of services, including nursing care, meals, personal care, social activities, therapies, hair and nail salon services and so much more.

These programs emphasize cognitive stimulation, social interaction, and physical activity, which not only aid in recovery but also foster a higher quality of life. This holistic model addresses the needs of the whole person, promoting better health outcomes and greater satisfaction among members.


2. Affordability and Cost-Efficiency

Another reason insurance providers should consider adult day care is its cost-efficiency compared to other forms of care.

Medicare home health services may be convenient for some individuals, but there is nothing more inefficient than nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists driving around town trying to accommodate family schedules, doctor appointments, and individual preferences.

Medicare Home Health is just an extremely inefficient way to provide therapy services and unfortunately there is no way to significantly reduce the cost or optimize the service.

As more people switch to Medicare Advantage plans, traditional services covered by Medicare Home Health will continue to disappear due to inadequate reimbursement, consolidation, and closures. Sadly, it will be even harder to find the necessary home health services while the demand for these services increases.

Adult day care, on the other hand, is the most efficient and cost-effective way to provide nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and other medical services on top of personal care, socialization, meals, hair, nails, showers and so much more!

In an adult day program, there would never be delays between therapy sessions because everyone in need of therapy would already be up, dressed and within proximity of the therapy area.

In fact, therapists could see 2X the number of people in the same eight-hour day. There would be no traffic delays or cancellations in between visits like in Medicare home health.

Also, individuals wouldn’t just receive an hour of therapy to then spend the rest of their day by themselves in their room like in skilled nursing rehab. In adult day, members would be able to socialize and participate in meaningful all-day engagement after therapy services were provided.


3. Flexibility and Family Support

Adult day care also provides a level of flexibility. Many centers operate during normal business hours, allowing family members to maintain their work schedules and personal lives, knowing their loved ones are in a safe and supportive environment.

Medicare home health, while administered at home, usually doesn’t offer the same level of social interaction and cognitive stimulation. Outpatient rehab requires taking your loved one to appointments, and coverage may not last long enough to regain optimal function.

Adult day care centers often provide resources and support for caregivers, including respite care, education, and support groups.

This holistic approach to care extends not just to the patient, but to the whole family unit, creating a supportive community that can be invaluable during recovery.

In conclusion, adult day care offers a holistic, cost-efficient, and flexible long-term recovery care solution, making it a preferable option over outpatient rehab and Medicare home health for many patients and families.

As always, every individual’s needs are unique, so it’s important to discuss the various options with a healthcare professional before making a decision.


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