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ActivAge® Acquires 16,000 Square Foot Commercial Building in Sarasota for New Franchise Headquarters

Sarasota, FL, July 1, 2022/ — A major real estate transaction for the fastest-growing adult day franchise, ActivAge® is planting its headquarters in Sarasota, Florida to accommodate their executive team and to further support the expansion of its franchise network.

ActivAge®, the nation’s most innovative adult day center (aka “the Club”), is announcing today the acquisition of a 16,000 square foot commercial building in the heart of Sarasota, for its new franchise support center and next generation adult day club. ActivAge® is the ultimate daycation for seniors and their family caregivers who just need a break.

Significant renovations are being made to support the company’s long-term strategic plan and transform the aesthetics of the building.

“Once renovations are complete, the building will be unrecognizable!” said Kris Chana, CEO & Founder. “As our franchise system continues to grow, we will need a more advanced training facility to support our franchise partners. We feel the most important investment we can make is in training and coaching them to be successful.”

Accordingly, the new headquarters will feature an updated exterior reminiscent of a “Margaritaville Resort”, an 8,000 square foot, completely renovated adult day center, a 3,000 square foot headquarters and support center, and a content studio that will expand the company’s proprietary activity engagement platform.

“Our onboarding, training and franchise support team is the fastest growing part of our company,” said Chana. “This additional space will serve two purposes. First, we will open a next generation adult day club which will become our flagship location and training center. Second, we’ll be hiring additional team members to support, train and coach our franchisees as they prepare to open their own locations across the country.”

ActivAge® plans to complete its relocation towards the end of 2022 after major renovations are complete. The company will occupy the west side of the building, while the east side of the building will continue to be occupied by its residing tenants. Major renovations are being made to the interior of the space including the addition of themed storefronts to compliment the “daycation” experience each family and their loved one will receive.

“We’ve been looking for a location in Sarasota for nearly 2 years now,” said Kris Chana, ActivAge® Founder & CEO. “I can’t tell you just how grateful I am to our entire team for helping us make this happen. We are blessed with the best!”

Founded in Port Charlotte, Florida in 2011 by newlywed couple Kris and Chelsea Chana, the innovative brand brings a newfound sense of purpose and fulfillment to not only the seniors they care for, but for family caregivers who just need a break. ActivAge® is the first “tropical themed” adult day center with a “retro twist” that provides fun, engaging, and activity filled “daycations” for seniors while simultaneously giving family caregivers the respite they need and deserve. With intentions to have locations across the world, ActivAge® is going to rewrite the narrative and transform the future of senior care.

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ABOUT ActivAge®:

ActivAge® is the most innovative adult day center concept positioned to change the future of senior care forever. Our thriving daytime senior care program is a fun, engaging and safe alternative to in-home care or assisted living. Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. We make it easy by offering a tropical daycation for seniors while giving their family caregivers the break they need!

ActivAge® gives families peace of mind to run errands, go to work, visit with friends, pursue new hobbies or just take a break knowing their loved one is safe, engaged and having fun!

Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, and originally founded in 2011 by newlyweds Kris & Chelsea Chana, the brand utilizes state-of-the-art technology paired with an immersive activity program to create a memorable experience for their members, while providing respite to family caregivers at an affordable cost.

With intentions to grow internationally, ActivAge® will be the first global adult day concept in the senior care industry.
ActivAge® currently has plans to open another 100+ locations nationally in the coming years.

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