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A Guide to the 4 Types of Long-Term Care

When you or someone that you love is having trouble with their health, one of the things that you might consider is the options for short-term care or long-term care. It can be hard to figure out what is the best option. So here are the top four types of long-term care that people often choose.

Home Health

Home Health is living care and support at different levels that are provided in the home by an unlicensed or licensed worker and by designated family members. This type of long-term care is mostly private pay, but Medicaid and Medicare often will reimburse the person for some of the medically necessary services that have been provided by the licensed practitioners for those who meet certain eligibility requirements. Private pay’s accepted, and it’s going to cover many different types of non-medical and medical services.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is housing for people who aren’t able to live on their own, such as disabled or seniors, providing medication support, middle-level custodial care, meals, and transportation. This environment is private pay, and Medicaid and Medicare do not cover it.

Nursing Home

This facility is licensed, and it has transfer agreements with the hospitals for those who require long-term nursing or medical care. It also is for people who need short-term rehab due to illness, disability or injury. Medicare reimburses 100 days of rehab care that’s medically necessary, and Medicaid reimburses care in the long term for the people who meet eligibility and medical requirements. Private pay’s also accepted and offers more choices like enhanced options for lifestyle, private rooms, and a larger location selection.


This care type manages pain, gives relief to symptoms and provides emotional and spiritual support to those who generally are terminal and will usually die within six months, based on their doctor’s findings. This type of care can be provided at one of the assisted living facilities, nursing homes, a freestanding care center or in their home. Medicaid and Medicare reimburse for certain hospice care levels. Private pay’s also accepted, and it’s not subject to medical re-certification after 60 days.

These are the four types of long-term care. You may not need this information yet, but it’s a good idea to know about your options before you need to make a decision. Think about your options and see what type of long-term care is going to be best for you or your loved one’s needs.

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