5 Ways for Seniors with Dementia to Stay Independent Longer

We all look for ways to stay active longer, stop aging, feel better, and look younger, however, dementia seems to creep into the lives of our loved ones, slowly. Sometimes those of us in our 30’s who forgot where we put our keys or don’t remember what we were going to say, jokingly ask ourselves, “Oh no! Are we getting dementia?”

At age 30, they call it “scatterbrain” but as we get older this forgetfulness could truly be the onset of a very mild form of dementia. All jokes aside, this is a real disease that comes in hundreds of different forms and affects millions of people each year.

If you are caring for a loved one whether it’s your aging parents or spouse, you may begin to experience some of these changes in their cognitive function.

At this point, there is no magic pill that cures dementia but there are five things you can do every day to help your loved one stay independent and live at home longer.

    1. Physical Activity – We all know just how important it is to be active. Not only does exercise increase strength and balance but it also has a positive effect on cognitive function. Find ways to include your loved one in your exercise routine even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood.
    2. Daily Routine – For those living with dementia, routine is everything. Therefore, find ways to help your loved one maintain a daily routine. Consistency is key and will have a big impact on your ability to keep your loved one independent longer.
    3. Socialization – Connection is everything. It’s important for your loved ones to feel as though they belong. Those with dementia who have a sense of purpose and meaning are more likely to thrive at home. Find ways to increase opportunities for socialization such as companion or adult day services.
    4. Write it Down – Give your loved ones a notepad so they can write down their thoughts or ideas as they come. This can be an easy way for them to remember daily tasks or recall something that happened.
    5. Keep Learning – Never stop learning. Find ways to help your loved one stay connected to a hobby or passion project. This could be something that keeps their mind occupied and their imagination active.

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