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5 Things You May Not Know About Assisted Living

If you are thinking of going into an assisted living facility or thinking of one a parent, there are a lot of things that you may not know about assisted living communities. Below are five facts to know before you make the decision.

1. There Aren’t Any Doctors There

  • There aren’t any doctors in the assisted living places. Some of them could have some registered nurses on staff, but it isn’t common.
  • The nursing homes will generally have medical directors who are supervising their medical staff, however, the doctor’s only on-call rather than being at that location.

Prices Regularly Go Up and there are Fees

  • Be ready for the base rent to go up each year because of inflation
  • A lot of communities will have extra services that are listed or fees. This might mean that there are additional charges for managing medicine, delivering meals for those who aren’t visiting the facility’s dining room, or for transportation.
  • Carefully read the contracts, ask about the details about what you can expect in the years to come and you should always ask if there are any other types of fees that you haven’t been told about.
  • Feel free to negotiate! It’s possible you’ll be able to get price breaks if you are asking before you sign contracts.

You May Have to Pay Bills

  • Adult children might be signing the contracts of the community for their parents. But this could also mean that they’re the guarantors. This means that they are responsible for paying. If their parent doesn’t have enough money so that they can’t pay, the child may be required to pay.
  • So that this is prevented, the parent’s name should be signed as being responsible on that contract, and then add “by (agent’s name) acting as POA” as well as the date.

A Senior Might be Kicked Out

  • It’s said that a community has about who they let live there. It’s possible for the residents to be asked to leave by the community saying that they can no longer meet the needs of the resident.
  • Check the contract so that you can understand those conditions that a resident might be requested to leave. Some of the common reasons are care needs that exceed the capabilities of the community or behavioral issues.

They Must Take Medicaid

  • There are some communities that don’t accept it. However, if they take it they aren’t allowed to turn those down simply because they’re on Medicaid.
  • A community is going to get a smaller amount from people who are Medicaid than those who are paying themselves.
  • Usually, communities will have only so many beds for those who are paying through Medicaid. That means that they might say there aren’t any beds free.
  • When someone who is already living there lets the community know that they are going to be eligible for Medicaid in 90 days, it will make it harder for that community to say that they don’t have enough space for them.

These are five things that a lot of people don’t know about assisted living communities. Keep them in mind when you are looking at these types of communities and read everything.

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