3 Ways to Reduce or Delay Dementia

Whether you’re caring for your spouse, or your aging parent(s), Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can put significant strain on your relationship. Did you know that more than 55 million people worldwide are suffering from some form of dementia. You are not alone!

In this article, we are going to discuss three ways to reduce or delay dementia. My hope is that these recommendations and subtle lifestyle changes will help delay the effects of dementia and give you and your loved one more quality time together.

Recent scientific studies show that we can protect our brain from dementia by eliminating or modifying other risk factors with our lifestyle choices.

Here are 3 steps we can take at any age to reduce our risk for dementia.

1. Stay Active – Out of all the lifestyle changes, physical activity seems to be the number one way to prevent or delay dementia. If you’ve noticed your loved one repeat the same story over and over again in conversations or become more forgetful, a little physical activity could make a significant impact in their cognitive function.

2. Be Socially Engaged – Did you know that socialization, having a social network and maintaining health relationships with others creates a protective factor against dementia? Recently, an analysis of 51 long-term studies looking at the cognition and social isolation of more than 10,000 participants aged 50 or older has found that increased social contact led to better cognitive function.

3. Reduce Depression through Purpose – Depression is common amongst those with dementia. In fact, many studies have shown that depression precedes dementia and can increase its risk two-fold. As people get older and feel like they cannot contribute, depression starts to set in, and they lose their sense of purpose. Helping your loved one find a renewed sense of purpose can reduce depression and have a significant impact on cognitive function.

If you are caring for your mom, dad, spouse or a loved one, we are here to help!

We offer a fun and engaging daytime senior care program that keeps people active, helps them develop new relationships, stay socially engaged and find a renewed sense of purpose. We’ve seen thousands of families lives change right before our eyes.

However, if you feel you and your loved one just need a little help at home, we offer personalized in-home care for seniors as well.

Give us a call and we’ll send you a FREE copy of Florida’s 5-Step Guide to Senior Care. Our senior care expert hotline is 941-676-3411.


Caring for a loved one? We are here to help, whether you need help at home or need a little break during the day! Take a break and enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one is having the time of their life!

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